Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Equate To Big Brother?

The first words out of the mouth of an employee is: “Sounds like ‘Big Brother’ to me.” Oh no, not ‘Big Brother!’ Visions of mind-controlled drones working like slaves come to mind and they quickly walk away.

‘Big Brother?’ What is wrong with a business monitoring their vehicles? Or making sure their employees are doing what they’re being paid to do? Who owns these vehicles, anyway? Does the owner have a right to know how they’re being used?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe employees should be trusted and treated as adults. But, if you’ve ever driven a rental vehicle differently than the car you own, then you understand how an employee may mistreat a company vehicle.

Take the speeding employee, for example. Employees who drive too fast waste your gasoline, wear out your vehicle prematurely and sooner or later, drive up your insurance rates.

A GPS vehicle tracking system can alert you when someone exceeds your pre-set speed limit. It’s your vehicle, your fuel and your insurance premium; a tracking system helps you regain control of them.

Who uses your vehicles after hours and on weekends? Is an employee using your vehicle to moonlight? Is he using your gas to move his brother-in-law into a new apartment? You’ll know if you install a GPS vehicle tracking device in your vehicles.

How do you verify overtime claims? Maybe you can verify the work was done, but when? With a GPS tracking system, you can cross-check a vehicle’s location with the time of day it was there.

Have you ever been tempted to take an extended lunch hour? Think your employees might be tempted, especially if they’re out of the boss’s sight? A GPS tracking system records how long each vehicle remains at one location; use it to keep them honest.

Another benefit of GPS vehicle tracking systems: you’ll never make another phone call to find out where your employees are—you can just look on the map displayed on your computer screen. Also, your GPS tracking system will remind you when it’s time to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance. And, many insurance companies offer discounts of up to 30% for vehicles protected with GPS tracking systems.

The employee also benefits when their company vehicle is equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system.

1. Hand-written driver logs are replaced with data from the tracking system.

2. Using info from the gps tracking system, each employee’s productivity can be quantified and compared; an employee’s performance can be more objectively measured.

3. Your dispatcher can look on a computer screen and locate all your vehicles immediately.

Customers also benefit from GPS vehicle tracking systems. Businesses can provide precise arrival or delivery estimates, because the estimate is based upon the actual location of the tracking device-equipped vehicle at the moment they call. If a customer questions when your employee arrived or left –prove it to them using data from your tracking system.

Still think GPS tracking systems are tools of ‘Big Brother?’ I guess it depends upon your point of view.

The concept of ‘Big Brother’ never comes up with business owners. The business owner will say: “How will tracking my vehicles help my business make more money?” They want to know what GPS vehicle tracking can do for them.

Are GPS vehicle tracking systems ‘Big Brother?’ – You tell me.

Machine Learning and the Cloud

To build efficient machine learning models, you should subscribe to Google Cloud Machine Learning. The model will work on any type of data regardless of the size. A model can be created with the powerful framework so that many Google products can be powered. The products which are powered in this context include Google Photos and Google Cloud Speech. Models can be built with managed scalable infrastructure. As you build the model, it is possible to support thousands of users and access to data. The managed service is integrated with Google Cloud Dataflow so that there will be access to Google Cloud Storage and other services.

Training to prediction

There should be efficient transition from training to prediction. Microsoft desktop virtualization offers great flexibility so that users will be able to access data from multiple devices at the same time. It is possible to access data from any location on the earth as long as the device is connected to the internet. If the apps are not compatible, it is possible to access from the web. If there are any changes in apps, they will be reflected automatically.

With the help of microsoft sharepoint cloud, there will be extension of various kinds of services. The data can be uploaded very easily. It facilitates collaboration with other users. Documents can be edited at the same time and better services can be offered to customers without any delay. When best cloud services are offered, the visibility of the brand will be very much enhanced.

The machine learning application should be scaled so that it is possible to reach world-wide users without any issues. You should be able to build machine learning models as well.

Technical competence

To migrate to cloud services, you should consult cloud experts. provides comprehensive information about cloud experts so that best solutions are offered to clients without any issues. To achieve better results, models should be trained and they should be analyzed to understand the quality of the model. Scalable and fully managed services can be managed from cloud services. The provisioning, scaling and monitoring of managed no-ops infrastructure will be done in the best possible way with the help of best cloud service provider.

As you take help from, you will understand machine learning features. You will be able to focus on model deployment without considering the bottlenecks associated with the infrastructure. Service automates can be managed so that resource provisioning and monitoring will be done in the best possible way.

Scalable service

As you opt for cloud services, you can move your business to the next level without any issues. You can compare office 365 plans and the most appropriate plan can be picked up so that there will not be financial overheads. As you play on monthly basis, the expenditure is predictable.

By using distributed training architecture you will be able to build models of any size and type. The model development can be accelerated. The training should take place across many modules and you should want to run multiple experiments in this process.

You should create and analyze models and they should be integrated with existing cloud applications as well. You can train models locally on sample data sets and global platform can be used to train at large scale. After training the model, you will be able to download phases and models for local execution.

Machine Learning moving to the cloud

Machine learning will power the killer app. You should create models based on the past history so that you can make accurate prediction about the future. It is possible to stop fraudulent transactions, fight cyber criminals and perform many other tasks in an effortless manner with the help of machine learning algorithms.

With the advancement in technology, the machine learning has reached peak stage. The processing power has increased and highly sophisticated analytical software and huge amounts of data are used to train and feed models. Cloud services are helping to save the data at the lowest possible price. Machine learning workloads are variable as it depends on your position in the machine learning lifecycle. There is great need for data scientists who can carry out the research to new heights so that highly sophisticated cloud solutions can be devised and managed without any issues.

Vendor-neutral Cloud Computing Training

Cloud computing is being adopted all over the world. With the availability of human resource skills and demand for technology-driven solutions, it is inevitable to switch over to cloud solutions. The response to market change will be quick and efficient when a business can offer cloud-based solutions. In this context, it is very much important to get access to certified professionals. Personnel should undergo vendor-neutral cloud computing training so that they will be able to make the most of the time, effort and money.

Virtual cloud desktop solutions

The virtual desktop cloud solution offered by a reputed company will help employees to complete tasks in a very efficient way. Cloud computing experts will be able to design, develop and administer computing technologies as per your business needs.

The vendor-neutral cloud computing training will help users in this direction. There are different uses of cloud computing. Experts will help you resolve various issues like ‘how to get SharePoint?’, deployment of cloud computing solutions and various other services very quickly.

When you engage certified professional, there will be clear objectives and goals will be achieved without any delay.

Types of certifications

There are two types of certifications. They are vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications. Neutral certifications focus on definitions and standards which are very common. Before switching over to cloud computing, you should know about technology vendors. Large and reputed companies can help you in this context.

Big companies will maintain their certification tracks on products and technologies offered by them. There are vendors who focus only on public cloud. You can find more information about cloud computing solutions by visiting the link,

There will be single or combined cloud models such as IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Reputed international vendors dominate the cloud market. You can also approach local and small vendors who have the capability to deliver the goods in a very efficient way.

For example, Amazon Web Services is the largest public cloud in the world. It started operations in 2007. However, the certification tracks were issued from 2013 only. Different kinds of certifications offered by AWS include Solutions Architect, Developer and Administrator. The DevOps Engineer certification covers both Developer and SysOps Administration tracks.

Other large public cloud service providers include Google and Salesforce. However, no certification is covered by Google till this moment. Salesforce is pioneer in Customer Relationship Management. The certifications offered by them are based on cloud services.

Scalable and affordable solutions

By having access to, many factors such as cost, scalability, security and response to the market change can be addressed in the best possible way.

There are some vendors who are specialized in providing hardware to contribute to cloud solutions. They include HP, IBM, EMC and VMWare. Microsoft and Oracle provide public cloud service, hardware and software as per business needs. You can approach office 365 kiosk to get support on Office applications. The service is offered as ‘pay as you go’. Hence, businesses will be able to pay for the service as per their needs. Scalable solutions can be customized as per your needs.

The vendor-neutral cloud certifications are offered by CompTIA, EXIN, Cloud Security Alliance and Cloud Credential Council. There are various kinds of certifications which cover security, development, administration and business. When a business manages vendor-neutral certifications, it is understood that employers have broad knowledge about cloud solutions.

After going for vendor-neutral certifications, employers can go for vendor-specific certifications. Thus, the available technology can be customized and used in the best possible way to enhance business prospects. However, you should focus on certifications offered by reputed service provider so that there will not be any issues.

Benefits of certification

Individuals who possess the certification from reputed companies will be able to move forward and make great progress in their career. Employers should encourage their employees to go for certifications so that they will be able to understand the latest technologies and they can be adopted to fulfill business interests in the best possible way.

There are cloud administrator, cloud architect and cloud developer certifications. You can understand cloud and virtualization technologies by going for certification. There are certifications which are meant to deliver basic understanding without going deep into the hands-on role. 

5 Top Picks For Handheld GPS

Later, with the availability of accurate maps, nobody has to memorize the stars in the sky and nobody has to erect landmarks.

Today, there is no need to do all these things. With a device that could pinpoint your exact location in an instant, you can eliminate all the hassles of early practices. So when you are out for a hike, mountain climb, or just a simple camp out on the wilderness, all you need is one device: handheld GPS Systems.

To help you choose one that is right for you, here are the top picks for handheld GPS:

  • Cobra GPS 1000 DLX Handheld Navigator
    Battery operated handheld GPS System that is capable of guiding your way through different US state highway, boundaries, European countries, provincial boundaries of Canada, and several other worldwide cities. All you have to do is install your desired location from a software to this receiver and you will see where you are going in its 2.8in w x 6.1in h x 1.3in d 1.8in w x 2.4in h display. It uses Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) for more accurate pinpointing of location with ASAP II Technology™ that makes this handheld GPS works 2 times faster that ordinary GPS receiver. It uses a 32 mega-byte memory card for map installation. The Cobra GPS 1000 DLX Handheld Navigator keeps you on course wherever you are.
  • Garmin eTrex Vista
    If there could be one GPS available in the market today with supreme functionality and jam-packed features; the Garmin eTrex Vista should be the one. The Garmin eTrex Vista has 24MB internal memory capacity capable of storing numerous kinds of data and can store different types of maps. The high resolution LCD gives Garmin eTrex Vista the advantage in giving crisp details for easy reading even for small type. With the use of Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), it provides less than 3 meters of position accuracy. And the eTrex can stay dry for 30 mins under 3 ft. of water with its waterproof coating and rubber for shock absorption.
  • StreetPilot 2650 GPS Handheld
    Once you are out on the wild or making finding the way between tall buildings, the StreetPilot 2650 can do its job best. It possesses all features of the 2610 as well as a large color display, built-in maps, a voice prompt, and an automatic route capability with touch screen that makes navigation easier. It can pinpoint your exact position with accuracy that depends on the WAAS technology.
  • Garmin eTrex Standard
    If you want simple yet could make your way to your desired destination, the Garmin eTrex should be your choice. Though it lacks other upgraded features you would look for a GPS, you wont be having any trouble using it. This pocket size GPS is perfect for beginners.
  • Magellan GPS 315
    If you want worldwide navigation, this one is for you. With more than 15,000 cities available, this pocket-sized GPS could get you going anywhere in the world.

These 5 wrap up the top picks for handheld GPS Systems. It is up to you to decide which one you should prefer.

How To Determine If Wind Power Will Work For Your Home

Wind power generation, an alternative and renewable energy source, has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years. Technological advances make it more and more feasible to install wind power generators for individual homes. The newer systems are more efficient and quieter.

Not every geographical location however, is suited for installing a wind power generator. A consistent wind, with average speeds of approximately 11 miles per hour is required to make a wind energy system feasible. Lower wind speeds can be suitable for battery charging and water pumping in your remote weekend cottage.

Wind availability maps are published by the US National Renewable Energy Lab. You can get a general idea from these maps if you are living in a state and county with sufficiently high winds.

Once you confirm this, you will need to also check if your exact location experiences the required, consistent average wind speeds. If your home, your property is located on the side of a hill, your sheltered location might not provide the required wind speeds. Maybe you can install the wind turbine high enough, to just extend it over the ridge. You will then possibly be able to pick up sufficient wind.

Local wind maps, can also be found at the National Renewable Energy Lab. These maps howver, are not very easy to read and understand. Fortunately though, you can simply contact a wind power manufacturer, such as those listed in the American Wind Energy Association website. They can tell you if it is feasible to install a wind power generator for your home.

At this point, just get some general information about the feasibility of installing a wind power system for your home. You have some more checking to do, before you spend a lot of your and the manufacturer’s time on details.

Next step is to check the local codes and requirements. Your town might have some bylaws, or if you live in a subdivision, there might be restrictions in place, that will not allow you to install a wind power generator for your home. Don’t let that deter you! Get a petition going in your town or city to change the bylaws.

Talk to the neighbor hood association. Who knows, maybe the whole subdivision will end up supporting a wind power generator for all the homes!
Don’t forget to also talk to your neighbors. Unfortunately, some people still believe that all wind energy generators are noisy and kill birds. Inform the neighbors as you investigate and learn more.

Once you know that no local laws, regulations, neighbors or neighbor hood associations will stop you, it is time to talk to the manufacturers again.

I recommend talking to at least two different wind power manufacturers with different types of rotors, such as horizontal propeller blades, or vertical ‘egg beater’ blades. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. You want to make sure that the type of system you end up installing is the best for your particular application.

Ask the manufacturer a lot of questions, such as:

- How much clearance is required around the tower and rotor blades?
- How tall will the wind tower be?
- What are the noise emissions? Do they have certified sound data?
- How many installations have they done? Can you go see one?
- What output can you expect from their system?
- What is the installed cost per kilowatt-hour?
- What kind of warranties do they provide?
- What will they need from you to do to make it happen? (besides money)
- Will they apply for the required permits?
- Will they make the connection to the electric grid?
- Will you have to hire a general contractor?

Compare all the answers between the different models and manufacturers and then you can make an educated decision.

A handful of States provide some incentives for installing small wind power systems. Check with your state and local governments. Another option could be to get a reduced-rate mortgage for adding the wind power system. Check with your mortgage company or mortgage broker.

If you find after doing all this research, that wind power is not the solution for you, then maybe a solar photovoltaic system is your solution.

I do hope that you will be able to install either a solar energy system or a wind power generator for your home.

Best Quality Printers & Best Photo Paper

Hundreds of thousands of digital cameras are sold each year. Part of the allure of a digital camera for most buyers is the ability to take control of editing and to produce their own images at home. For anyone who plans to print their photographs, a new printer will probably be necessary. The quality of the printed images will be dependent upon the printer, the ink, the paper and finish, as well as the print settings that are selected.

Popular Types of Printers

Several decisions will guide the type of printer selected: the speed of printing that is desired, the cost, and the end quality of the printed image. Inkjet printers are common, affordable, and can produce nice images. Laser printers are faster and can produce an even higher quality print but they are certainly more expensive. Dye Sublimation Printers do not use ink or toner but instead use dyes to produce prints that are photo lab quality; but again they carry a higher price tag. Images produced from dye sublimation printers are less susceptible to fading and distortion over time.

Regardless of the type of printer selected, there are other characteristics about the printer which digital camera owners need to consider when making a selection.


Just as the resolution on a digital camera is important in determining image quality, so is the resolution for the printer. Printer resolution is basically the number of dots printed in a square inch. Image quality improves as the dpi increases. For instance, a dpi of 1200×600 and up would be very good for photographs.

Ink Cartridges

A printer with separate cartridges for black and other colors produces better color prints. Some of the best images come from high quality photo printers with 6 colors. Simply put, if only 4 shades are available, the colors within the printed image will have less range and won’t be as “true” or life-like. If printing black and white images, it is also advisable to use a printer with a separate cartridge for black ink so that the blacks are truer.


Faster printers are generally more expensive. Speed is indicated in the literature for a printer as ppm or pages per minute. Speed is a merely matter of personal choice.

Other features

There are numerous other features that might be of interest for the digital camera owner. For instance, a borderless printing feature allows users to print the image to the edge of the paper which eliminates the need to trim photographs after printing. Some users need a printer that is mobile, one that they can take with them. Many printers have an LCD screen that allows users to preview their prints; others have multiple functions such as scanning, faxing, and copying in addition to their printing capabilities.

Connections and compatibility

It is important to check how a new printer will connect to the computer that will be used. Obviously the printer must be compatible with the operating system. In some instances, the computer can be by-passed by using a memory card slot that allows editing and printing from the camera’s memory card directly.

Paper and ink

Better paper can play a significant role in producing great images and in determining how time, moisture, and bright light will affect the print. Paper brightness, weight, and finish vary. In general, paper that is designed for the specific printer being used, and for the purpose of printing photos is the best choice. Manufacturers make recommendations as to the best paper to use in photo printing. Likewise, ink from the printer manufacturer also tends to be a safe bet as cheaper/non-manufacturer labeled ink is sometimes of lesser quality. In addition, manufacturers often produce paper and inks that are developed specifically to work well together. Paper finish can be variations from matte to high gloss. Most color photographs are printed with a glossy finish while many black and white images make use of a matte finish.

A Final Consideration

Once a printer is selected, the paper and finish determined, novices need to be sure to select print settings that will create quality images also. Selecting the highest resolution settings and making sure print settings match the paper to be used is the final step in assuring high quality prints.

Tips For Safer Computing Online

Unscrupulous marketers bait you with free software that unleashes spyware, trojans, or worms, on your system.

While other marketers bombard you with popups at every turn. And others send unsolicited spy emails asking you to click links to unsafe websites that install threating software on your computer, or try to download your private information.

These are only a few of the security issues involved while online.

Read through the following list to arm your computer and protect yourself against these vicious and often malicious online attacks.

1. Install a good anti-virus software.

Here’s a good free anti-virus software… Fr** AVG Anti-Virus…… New – AVG Fr** Edition is now available for all single home users worldwide! More detailed information can be found in the AVG Free Edition License Agreement. Click Here To Download:

2. Install a personal firewall.

This personal firewall is one of the best online….

3. Install a good pop up blocker.

Google has a free pop up blocker so does Yahoo. The only drawback is you will have to download and install their toolbar.

4. Know Privacy Policy.

Read the websites privacy policy before releasing personal information. Note do they share or sell your information with third parties. If they do you might reconsider releasing your personal information.

5. Passwords.

Never use easy to guess passwords like your favorite color, your social security number, your birthdate, words less than six characters. Mix up passwords with combinations of numbers and symbols.

6. Virus Warnings.

Don’t forward virus warnings you receive in emails. It’s not your job to warn others. And you might be circulating a fake warning designed to scare receivers into downloading trojans or removing important files on their computer.

7. Keep It Secret.

Don’t give your password to anyone. Be wary of emails asking you to give out your personal passwords for accounts online. Or emails asking you to click a link and enter your password on the site. This site might be a fake sent by hackers ‘phishing’ for victims.

8. Primary Email Address.

Don’t divulge your primary email address on unfamiliar sites. You might be bombarded with unsolicited emails by marketers who sell your address to third parties online.

9. Free Accounts.

Set up several free email accounts with a psuedo name to handle spam, when you register with unfamiliar sites, or to use on chat and message boards.

10. Chat Line And Message Board Warnings.

Don’t release personal information on chat lines or message boards. This is one way many identity thefts occur.

Autonomous Drones Team Up, Build a Bridge

Drones are really good at serving as our “eyes in the skies,” but, as it turns out, the flying machines are also pretty good construction workers.

Engineers at ETH Zurich recently fired up their computers, as well as a team of drones, and set them to work with one task: build a bridge. The drones, equipped with spools of rope, then autonomously assembled a rope bridge that researchers subsequently walked across. Read that again and let that sink in.

Drone the Builder

Inside the Flying Machine Arena at ETH Zurich, researchers basically look for cool new ways to use drones. Here, drones dance, play catch and even play with building blocks.

In their most recent demonstration, drones showed off their teamwork and knot-tying skills.

Once researchers fired up their drones and computers, the quadcopters went about their work on their own. The flight area is equipped with a motion capture system that constantly collects information about each drone’s position and attitude. That information is then fed into computers and algorithms parse the data to wirelessly send commands back to the drones. The drones weave in and out, up and down, and left to right in specific patterns to build braids and links in a rope bridge.

When they finished, the end product was a rope bridge that spanned a 24-foot gap and could withstand a 5,200-pound load.

Drones are already helping us view hard-to-reach places, and now, as you just saw, they can also help us get to those places.

Getting the Best Services for Arc Flash Training

The training of the Arc Flash cannot be considered as the common training for many people. That is because there are only some people who need special requirement and skill on the field need this kind of training. As the result, finding the best trainer or institution that can give the proper Arc Flash training cannot be considered as something easy. If you are looking for one, then you might want to consider some of these considerations first.

The first one is not to think that much about the price that you need to pay. It is true that the price is not cheap, but when you deal with something specific and detail such as the training, then price is number two on the list. You just need to make sure that you can get the proper training related with the Arc Flash so that you will not regret paying for the training. Therefore, make sure you are also choosing the professional trainer that can give you the proper training on the first of the list.

The next one is to skip out the distance. For some reason, many people always choose something that is close to their place. However, if you really need the training, then you should never worry about the distance. It will be better for you to pick the trainer far away as long as you can get the best result rather than to pick the closest trainer that cannot give you anything. However, you can consider yourself as a lucky person if you can get the professional trainer within the close distance. Those are some considerations that you might want to take into account if you are looking for the trainer for the Arc Flash. Hope you can get the best services that can give you the best training.

Camera Aid Office Security

A photographic record helps in the upkeep of security in an office like only few other things could help. Any organization, institution or commercial establishment is prone to breach of security and open to hazards of heists or sabotage. Use of camera to bolster office security is not just a good idea, it is a compulsion.

One could go through a history of criminal or scandalous activities which have taken place in offices one would find how easily the cases were cracked where on-camera records of the activities were available and how far-fetched its investigations became just for the lack of photographic record.

Huge establishments such as departmental stores are easy targets for large-scale pilferage. Digital coding has helped ensure that no visitor to the store left with stuff he has not paid for. The technique activates alarms whenever there is attempt, deliberate or unconscious, to walk out of the premise with an item without paying for it. Yet, smart thieves find a way out, so it is ultimately the camera system that helps well.

The monitors keep displaying every move made by visitors or the employees. This would be checking any dubious, suspicious or hazardous activity right away. Besides, it is not just a threat impending from humans. Sometimes there are other factors also, which could spell disaster and which gets detected timely. Thanks to the placement of security cameras at vantage points.

This is true that these cameras may not have replaced the utility of other security devices such as metal/narcotics/explosive detectors or even sniffer dogs, but they surely facilitate by pointing out any unusual activity and proves to be very beneficial in rendering the incriminating evidence at the time of investigation or presenting a case in a court of law.

Office security systems often use spy cams that go undetected by those working within the premises and these help keep an eye not only on the outsiders but even those on the premise grounds throughout and monitor them against any irresponsible, damaging or immoral activity during duty hours, also safeguarding thereby the decorum of the place of work.